NSW Handball Association membership runs annually on a calendar year.  Membership with NSWHA includes a registration component for Handball Australia (HA), the national governing body, who oversees handball in Australia, develops and implements policies and takes out the insurance policy on behalf of the states.

Registration Form


Policies and Insurance

NSW Handball Association adopts the policies of Handball Australia, of which we are a member. These policies include Insurance, Member Protection and our ASADA information and can be found at

Specific information on Insurance, including claim information, is at


Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA)

ASADA promotes the concept of Pure Performance. ASADA’s role is to preserve and protect sport’s values for all Australians. Handball athletes are required to abide by anti-doing regulations. More information can be found here at


Rules of the Game

A summary of the rules of Handball can be found on the Handball Australia website and the International Handball Federation’s website.

Handball Rules of the Game

Beach Handball Rules of the Game