NSW Handball hold two season of handball through the year. Season 1 February to June and Season 2 October to December – each season with a women’s and a men’s league.

Handball players of all ages and expertise are welcome, from just learning to game to the more experienced players.

Women’s League
Men’s League

In addition, NSW Handball also supports the mixed competitions held by UTS Handball Club during the off seasons.

It is absolutely essential to note that the 2024 seasons will be strictly “NON-RESIN” and the use of any sticky substance can result in the loss of venues. As a consequence, the use of these substances will result in large fines, loss of points and/or the withdrawal from the competition.

NSW Competition Rules 2024

Finals are scheduled for Season 1 of 2024 on 18 May at NCIE

Jumping handballUTS's S Fallah shooting from outside the 9m circle, far above the Sydney Uni defense (Photo by B Thompson)Referees and TablesSydney Uni Running a quick fast break against HarboursideUTS vs UNSW Women M McAfee shooting for goal, attempting block by E GuignardBreakthrough for UNSW against Sydney UniCELEBRATE!Lets Jump! Sydney Uni souring over the UNSW Defence

NSW Champions

SeasonMen’s ChampionWomen’s Champion
2023 – SpringUTSSydney University
2023 – AutumnSydney UniversitySydney University
2022 – SpringSydney UniversityNot conducted
2022 – AutumnSydney UniversitySydney University
2021Sydney UniversityUTS
2020 – SpringSydney UniversitySydney University
2020 – AutumnCancelled due to COVIDCancelled due to COVID
2019 – SpringSydney UniversityUTS
2019 – AutumnSydney UniversityUTS
2018Sydney UniversityUTS
2017Sydney UniversityHarbourside