October – NSW wins Open National Handball Championships

NSW Handball is proud to announce that both Men and Women’s teams performed very well in the Senior/Open National Handball Championships held at Sydney Olympic Park between 27 – 30 October.

Congratulations to:
• the NSW Women’s Team for winning the Women’s championships
• the NSW Men’s Team for winning for the fourth time the ‘Aleksandar Sasha Dimitric Cup’ as the Senior National Champion, as well as the simultaneously the Open Senior Handball Championship
• Sally Potocki for highest goal scorer in the women’s division
• the players who participated as part of the AHF Development team.

Thanks all the referees, officials, volunteers and the Macquaire University Chiropractor Interns Group for their help which ensured the success of the tournament. Thanks too for those who helped in the conduct of the live webcast which was undertaken for the first time in the Australian handball history. See archived webcast at www.handballaustralia.org.au (Thanks to Violi Calvert for posting)

Sasha’s photos are coming soon and friends from Serena Photography have some on their website at http://tiny.cc/dpxec