June–Call for U14 and U16 Players for NSW Teams (Beginners welcome)

NSW is looking for players for its U16 and U14 Boys and Girls teams.  The U16’s national tournament is on the weekend of July 10-11 in Canberra and the U14 tournament between August 21-22 in Coffs Harbour.  Beginners are welcome to attend training and tryouts, especially in the U14 age group as this will the first year this category has been held.  Please contact James Ridley on  jamesridley5@hotmail.com to register you interest.  Contact for U14 Boys is Coach Gilles Guillemin (0414) 382 709, U16 Boys Manager James Ridley (0423) 620 360 and Girls to Jessica Fearnside on (0423) 249 757.