July – Saturday July 25 Club games at Dural

Change of venue to Dural for Saturday July 25 games!

Please note that games this coming weekend are at Dural Sport & Leisure Centre, 1 Pellitt lane, Dural.

The draw is:
9:00 Hills v Sydney Uni Blue – referee: Gold; Table: UNSW
9:00 Harbourside v UTS – referee: Gold; Table UNSW
10:30 Sydney Uni Gold v UNSW – referee: Hills; Table: Harbourside

There are no women’s matches this week.

Also, please note that each duty requires 2 officials (ie 2 referees and 2 table duty). Recently some clubs have only sent 1 and it is almost impossible to cover this shortfall. We would rather not have to send fines out for missed duties. Please have your officials arrive 15 minutes before the matches are due to commence as court time is tight.